10 Ways Your Brand Can Use Instagram Guides

If you have actually been keeping an eye on the photo-sharing system Instagram, it has introduced a new function called the Guide that allows you to share content in an easy-to-digest style for your consumers.

Top brands like Prada, Red Bull, and Buzzfeed are currently using it to their advantage. Yet it benefits small brand names too.

So what actually is Instagram Guide, as well as how can your brand utilise it to further engage your audience?

Let’s enter into the nitty-gritty of Instagram’s new feature as well as see exactly how your brand can gain from it. But before that,

Exactly how do you produce Instagram Guides?

It is very easy to develop your Guide. Go to your profile page, and on the top-right, tap on the plus symbol. You can pick Guide from there.

Instagram gives you 3 Guide style options to select from.
You can pick the “Places” choice to advise preferred locations. On the other hand, the “Products” option is for suggesting your items, while the “Posts” option enables you to recommend the posts you created or saved.

With these three formats, you can produce a Guide to suit your brand’s requirements.

Additionally, as soon as created, you can share your Guide to Instagram Stories as well as various other uses.

Great, isn’t it? Currently, below are 10 ways your brand can make use of Instagram Guides:

  • Provide information
  • Create travel guides.
  • Highlight products
  • Create how-to’s.
  • Link the posts and give shoutouts.
  • Create FAQs.
  • Craft a brand story.
  • Support small businesses.
  • Showcase your best reviews.
  • Motivational quotes.